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Model EMS 302M

Far Infrared Emissivity Analysis System

Taiwan patent I#282848


Emissivity is the ratio of radiation emitted by a surface and its theoretical radiation predicted from Planck's law. A material's surface Emissivity is measured by the amount of energy emitted when the surface is directly observed. Far infrared Emissivity analysis system, is a structure which able to detect and calculate the object’s (i.e. fiber, texture, powder) far infrared Emissivity with the 5 ~ 14μm wavelength filter.

In recent year, many research papers reveal fiber with high Emissivity has the abilities to benefit human’s health; especially in the cold season and areas. High Emissivity fiber is able to keep the heat in between of the fiber and the skin surface. It not only maintains the heat but also accelerates the blood circulation. Many companies produce similar products with high emissivity and clamed their products are able to reach some kind of medical treatment. Nevertheless, how to verify the invisible infrared emissivity is still an issue.

Nowadays, some standard institutes offer the service to identify the Emissivity and issue the certification; however, the method to analysis the Emissivity is under the relative high temperature such as 80℃ or even 120℃. It is not a reasonable temperature to apply on fiber because it is used to wear on human because human’s skin surface temperature is usually around 34℃. The reason why many labs use relative high temperature instead of low temperature is just because the analysis under low temperature has very serious heat radiation disturbance. Therefore, the result will be very unstable. Hotech Far Infrared Emissivity Analysis System utilize the breakthrough technique overcome the problem and bring the customers the most precise and stable analysis system in the world.

HOTECH Instruments Corp. manufactures various temperature related products such as low to high temperature blackbody, standard temperature calibration sources for years. Tremendous time and resources ware spent, various researches and recreation had been done for years. The Far Infrared Emissivity analysis system breaks the barrier to analysis the Emissivity under relatively low temperature (34). It is a convenient, precise and reliable system to verify your product’s exact far infrared emissivity.


  1. Analysis the sample’s far infrared emissivity device under 34℃ (imitate human’s skin surface temperature)
  2. Various form (Power, liquid) are available to be analyzed by using our specialize container.
  3. Graphic indication and automatic logic estimation helps the user to get the best result.









Display Resolution




Ambient temp range

20±0.5℃ (Air-conditioned environment)

Initial Time

60 minutes

Detecting time

3 seconds

Sample temperature

34 ℃ (customizable prior to order)

Stage Diameter





11 Kg


AC110~240 VAC


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